Full Service Web Developer

I am a senior developer for Cox Media Group's Innovation Team. I help manage and lead a team of developers that architect websites and software programs to meet business requirements.

WordPress Development

Extensive experience working with WordPress.com and following WordPress standards.

Front End Development

Over 5 years experience building high quality Front End user experiences.

Maintenance I Fix Things

I can help get your website up to par with current standards.

WP Plugins I Dabble

Experience building and extending WordPress plugins.

Performance I Like Efficiency

Performance is what matters the most for user experience.

Easy To Use

I like to build websites using WordPress. I spend a lot of time architecting the backend experience so even non-technical users can easily manage it.

Safe and Secure

With over 6 years WordPress experience, I follow standards when implementing desired features. My goal is to ensure that a website's performance is always at its best.

Mobile Responsive

A website should have a great user experience on all devices. Responsive web design allows a website to maintain a great usr experience on all mobile devices.

Built For Success

I build websites that are successful in being secure, maintainable, scalable, efficient and fast. I take pride in the product and make sure it evolves to its full potential.

Projects I Work On

Get In Touch

Thanks for taking the time to view my website. I am not always looking for freelance work but I am always open to discussing freelance projects. I don't mind general inquries about websites and development. Although I frequently check my email, I am not always able to respond in the most timely fashion. I will do my best to respond quickly and efficiently to all messages.

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